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Tango a Tiempo is a leading School of Tango Salon that offers authentic and unique tango classes with a balance between a renewed technique and popular tradition. The levels range from absolute beginners to advance and professional dancers.

As part of the tango training, we hold social activities and events related to tango such as Practicas (guided practice time), Private Lessons, Workshops, Tango Tours, and Shows in person and on-line.

At Tango a Tiempo we are committed to bringing the best Tango experiences to our clients. We aim for our students to experience an enjoyable way of learning and dancing tango. The Tango Salon School is a safe community where we enjoy sharing our love of the dance, the people, and passion for tango. 


Tango a Tiempo's mission is to improve peoples' lives in their emotional, physical, and psychological realms by sharing tango in its natural form: through the understanding of the music, the connection with the partner, the walking and embrace, as well as by bringing purpose to the movement through the popular culture of the city of Buenos Aires.



Armando Orzuza & Nuria Martinez

Meet your teachers

With more than 35 years of experience, you will learn the correct way to dance the Argentine Tango


Master Tango teacher, dancer, and choreographer from Buenos Aires, Argentina


Armando Orzuza was born in "La Boca", a suburb of Buenos Aires, known as the birthplace of the Tango. His first professional contact with the Tango was at the age of fourteen as a sound technician for a "Tangueria" (Tango dance hall) in Buenos Aires. This enriching experience surrounded him with the foremost dancers, singers and orchestras of the Tango world. 


Ten years later, he began to study the Tango himself. Armando learned to dance from the original "Milongueros" and began his professional career in 1990 with Daniela Arcuri. 


Armando have had numerous guest appearances.

As dancer, he has performed in the Broadway show of “Tango Passion”; in the promotion of the album "Tango" by Julio Iglesias; “Jazz at Lincoln Center” with Avantango, “Cuartetango”; “Tango Fusion”; the Opera “Y Borges Cuenta Que…” directed by Luis Bacalov; the Broadway-style show “We” with Jon Secada, directed by Neil Goldberg; “Tango Nuevo Cabaret”; “C’est Rouge” directed by Blanca Li; “Once Upon a Tango”; “Tango Maestro”, and “Baires Tango”, directed by Armando Orzuza & Nuria Martinez. 


As dance consultant and choreographer, he worked in Alan Parker’s movie "Evita", and in the 2004 Madonna’s “Re-invention” touring show. Armando also appeared as principal dancer in the movie “Assassination Tango” directed by Robert Duvall.            


Mr. Orzuza has self-produced “Tangoing” in the West Coast, “Tango, the Show” in USA and Japan, and coordinated and supervised the recording of the double CD album of “Quilombo” in Buenos Aires in 2016.

He has performed and taught the tango at Tango Festivals, public and private events, cultural organizations, embassies, consulates, schools, universities, and theaters, throughout Europe, Japan, South America and the United States. 

Mr. Orzuza currently teaches and performs with Nuria Martínez internationally


Nuria Martinez, Argentine Tango Dancer & Modern Dancer

About: About

Nuria Martinez was born in Spain. Her first training in Ballet was received at the Madrid’s National School of Ballet under the direction of Maya Plisetskaya. Nuria completed a Dance Diploma at the Laban Center in London and the Merce Cunningham Studio in NYC with various fellowships from the Spanish Ministry of Culture and the Cunningham Studio. 


Ms. Martinez’s first international appearance was at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in the production of “West Side Story”. In NYC, she performed as a modern dancer for the Dance on Camera Film Festival, the Cooper-Hewitt Museum, and the NY State Theater. In 2004, Ms. Martínez became an apprentice for Jennifer Muller/The Works and a highlighted dancer of the Washington National Opera. She has appeared in theater as a dancer/actress in off-Broadway productions, the Midtown International Theater Festival, and at the Cherry Lane Theater, in NYC. 


In 2005, Nuria Martinez began to study Tango professionally with Armando Orzuza, achieving an important place in the professional tango world. To the precious and valuable experience of learning, sharing and dancing with Armando, she also brings in to her work the vast previous knowledge and performing experience, as well as the inspiration gathered from concepts by Graciela Gonzalez and Rodolfo Dinzel after her first trip and stay in Buenos Aires in the year 2007.  
As a Tango dancer she appeared in numerous shows in the US, Europe, and Argentina such as: “Jazz at Lincoln Center” with Avantango, “Cuartetango”, “Tango Fusion”, “Y Borges Cuenta Que…” directed by Luis Bacalov, “We” with Jon Secada in the Broadway-style show directed by Neil Goldberg, “Tango Nuevo Cabaret”, “C’est Rouge” directed by Blanca Li, “Once Upon a Tango”, “Tango Maestro”, and “Baires Tango”, directed by Armando Orzuza & Nuria Martinez. 


She has taught master classes and courses of study in Ballet, Modern dance, and Tango at Tango Festivals, public and private events, cultural organizations, private and public schools, universities, dance studios, and theaters throughout Europe and the United States. 


She has taught Master Classes to professional dancers at prestigious dance schools in Spain and at the London Contemporary School, and has served as an invited juror at the Carmen Senra annual choreographic showcase in Madrid. 


Ms. Martínez graduated at Empire State College with a BA in Dance and Education. 

She currently performs and teaches Tango with Armando Orzuza throughout the US, Europe, and Buenos Aires.

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